Top Car Brands Check Cars by Car Brands & Automakers

Top Car Brands Check Cars by Car Brands & Automakers

The Different Types of Cars

A car, also referred to as an automobile, motor car or autocar, is typically a four-wheeled motor vehicle that carries and is powered by its own motor or engine, and primarily used to transport passengers more than goods. An automobile is designed to run mainly on roads, and can seat anywhere from 1 to 8 people. Before the birth of the modern car in 1886, animal-drawn carriages were widely used for the same purpose. The use of motorized cars only became prevalent after they became affordable for a lot of people with the introduction of the Ford Model T in 1908. Today, there are more than 1 billion vehicles running on roads all over the world.

There are various types or classifications of automobiles that we can see today. These include classic and antique cars, new or modern cars, super cars, tuned cars, concept cars, and race cars.

The Elite List: Top 10 Car Brands

So what are the top 10 car brands for consumers and car aficionados around the world? Do the well-known brands like BMW, Toyota, Ford and Honda still hold the same rank that they did a few years back?

Most of the websites enlisting the top 10 car brands say that consumers have made their choice based on seven factors. First is quality. In this category, reliability, durability, and brand reputation is considered. Second is safety. Of course, cars should be able to transport its passengers from one point to another comfortably and safely.

Third, performance. With the performance factor acceleration, engine power and functionality are all given credit. Fourth factor is value. Consumers are always on the look for cars that will be worth the money that they spent. Fuel Economy is the fifth factor. Next is design and style. This may probably be a nonobjective measure but for most car enthusiasts, form factor of the vehicle is quite important. Lastly, technology and innovation. Entertainment system, remote-controlled functions, bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity, etc. these are only some of the things that consumers check-on when it comes to technology and innovation.

1. Toyota

Undoubtedly, the Japanese car brand has consistently made it to the heart of the consumers for several years now. This is probably one reason why the company, Toyota Motor Corporation, ranked 14 among the largest companies in the world in terms of revenue. Aside from continually aiming for their customers' ultimate satisfaction, Toyota is constantly making moves in upgrading and making better cars incorporating all seven factors mentioned earlier.

2. Ford

The car company that was founded over 100 years ago by Henry Ford a business magnate way back 1900's. The second largest automobile manufacturer based in the US, Ford has been able to reach markets from the US to Europe to South America, Africa and in Asia. Keeping true to its mission of making reliable cars, Ford Motors has already proven that it’s certainly a brand to consider.

3. Honda

Honda Motor Company, Ltd. is the second biggest car manufacturer in Japan and ranks eighth in the world. To date they are not only confined in making motorcycles but also ventured into automobiles, luxury cars, scooters, utility vehicles, robotics, jet engines and aircrafts among others.

4. Chevrolet

The brand which is under the revered American automobile company, General Motors. The Trailblazer, the Camaro, the Optra, Venture, Cruze, Orlando, Aveo among others are just a few of the models or Chevrolet vehicle models sold in different countries worldwide. Its large distrubutorship around the globe goes to prove that indeed Ford has already established its good reputation to consumers.

5. Tesla Motors

Although the brand is relatively new in the automobile business, incorporated only a few years ago as opposed to the well-known brands included in the list, Tesla's flagship electric vehicles might have brought this brand to its current rank. Affordability and innovation are the main points that Tesla was able to manifest in its manufactured vehicles.

6. Subaru

Another Japanese car brand, headquartered in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan is among the top car brands in the recent market studies. Its mother company Fuji Heavy Industries, assures the consumers that Subaru vehicles deliver more than expected. Driving a Subaru definitey means “Confidence in Motion” , as their slogan states.

7. Mercedes Benz

The German automaker known for their luxury vehicles has been a household name in the automobile industry for over a century now. Considered one of the “German Big 3”, Mercedes Benz has undeniable proven that sophistication can go hand-in-hand with quality, performance and functionality.

8. Volvo

Founded on April 14, 1927, this Swedish automobile company based in Gothenburg, Sweden was first known for manufacturing, distribution and sales of buses, construction equipment and trucks before they finally decided to venture into the automobile industry. Nowadays, Volvo is most known for safety, innovation and performance.

9. Cadillac

Another division of the American brand General Motors Company. Its main office in Detroit, Michigan bore witness to the brand's evolution since its foundation in 1902. It has been known for the production of superior luxury cars in America and is now serving more and more countries worldwide.

10. BMW

Last but definitely not the least among the top car brands is another “German Big 3” member. The company has been in the business for several years now and undoubtedly they have already made an impact in the automaking field since it was founded in 1916 by Franz Josef Popp. Its long line of models includes luxury cars, sports cars and touring cars. All of which are certified to carry the brand's classy form factor, reliability and superb performance.

These car brands are working hard to cross barriers and be able to produce vehicles that are not only champion in style but are also high in quality, excellent in performance, innovative, fuel-efficient, dependable and safe and will be worth the cost. Their hard work evidently shows why amidst all the hundreds of car brands they were able to manage to be on the elite list.

Automobile manufacturers throughout the world are constantly recreating their inventions in order to suit the taste, needs and preference of their market. At the end of the day it is still the consumers who will choose which of these top 10 car brands will make its way into their car garage. The key is to gauge which information available on the internet or elsewhere is most reliable.

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